alex wang f/w 2012

Alexander Wang how I love you. Such an amazing show. My favorite designers are the ones that turn out beautiful clothes but also create an amazing visual show. Alexander Mcqueen, Marc Jacobs and Alex Wang all have that amazing, creative, innovative style of putting on an amazing show with beautifully constructed clothes. 

I  love how innovative he is. Reading up on the collection, over 90% of the fabrics were custom developed which is quite amazing. In a time where all we see is knock offs and it can feel like nothing is ever new, it is so refreshing to see him creating such newness starting with the actual materials. Also doesn't hurt to include some supermodels in the show.

A+, amazing show and collection. There are some amazing pieces I definitely would like to add in my wardrobe. (Those knee high boots=dying, although equally amazing are the maryjanes, boxy bags and rich , textured clothes w/ his classic draping, new fringe and sheen). Love the laquered look and high slits on everything. Newness in slick and sleek outerwear. Beautiful and exciting.

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Backstage AWang

Always love some gorgeous silly supermodels especially dressed in Wang.

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la belle et le bad boy


So its been a minute since I've been on here but thinking its time to be back! A year break, no big deal.  Excited for 2012, this past year has been amazing with a move to New York and new position at my company. Going to make sure I stay creative in the New Year, lots of exciting plans that I am actually going to follow through on. Above is some inspiration for the moment. Lots of jewels, hats and not so much on the winter wear.... being home in CA for Christmas has already made me forget east coast weather. Hanging by the pool on xmas, whattt?? Although it hasn't even been that cold yet. Should be an interesting winter;)

Pictures were all saved to my computer..... I know most are pursenboots... she is amazing, love everything she wears, think she is my style twin. Well except that I would die for her closet, she has some amaz pieces and seems pretty rad.  Anddd the rest?? fashiontoast, coveteur, etc??

Oh yeah really addicted to pinterest lately....... http://pinterest.com/amber_elyse/

And don't ask about the title of this entry.... except I love that song and am learning french this year!!




 One of my favorite editorials from Numero 109... Happy Holidays!


Purse 'n Boots

My favorite new blog! Purse 'n Boots is by Planet Blue stylist Ashley Glorioso, and she has an amazing collection of clothes, shoes, jewelry and amazing style! It's a new daily read:)


Inspirations of the Moment

My usual obsessions haven't changed much...Still loving florals, lots of lace, layers and layers, large rings, studded converse, and Sienna and Abbey Lee.

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