Chanel in the Sand

So ready for it to be summer!!! Had an amazing weekend in San Diego with lots of sun and champagne and now only slightly sunburnt....even wearing tons of spf...but still worth the relaxation....

images via fotodecadent


Braided Beauty

Feeling lots of braids for this spring and summer..... also loving these cross rings featured in the last picture, found here... the double finger cross is a must on my current shopping list.

 Images via TFS, fashiontoast, studdedhearts


Zac Posen x Target

Cant wait for Zac Posen for Target!! Looks like there's going to be some pieces I definitely need in my wardrobe....Loving the blazer,  the red rosette dress, gold metallic dress, denim studded dress... and pretty much all of it....  The collection is supposed to come out April 25th, but knowing Target it will start popping up the week before.....

Images via Nitrolicious