Color Theory

Recently discovered American Apparel nailpolish and I am hooked. I have to admit nailpolish has long been an addiction of mine.... I must own a million colors. Usually I buy OPI or Essie, but I feel like AA has very fashion forward colors.... I first tried Office which was what I was searching for since the Chanel Jade Green was sold out everywhere..... This weekend I picked up Factory Grey and I love it!! Next I think I will try L Esprit...


I am obsessed with Drew Barrymore's style lately. First of all... can we just talk about her hair??? She has the perfect fade that I have been trying to acheive.... Love the grown in dark color that fades to light on the ends. Then there is her amazing outfit choices lately... she is definite inspiration of mine lately.

Images via Zimbio

Quote of the Day

Leopard Love


Loving these leopard options. The MR by Jeffrey Campbell is aaaamazing..... might just be my answer to these sold out Alexander Wang wedges... I might even like them more?? I hope they restock in my size. Also loving this dress at Nasty Gal... and this fur coat at Topshop. I have been searching for the perfect leopard fur for a loooong time.... I was trying to find a vintage one, but think I might need to pick up this little number....


Miu Miu Inspired Mary Janes

I picked up these Miu Miu inspired Platform Mary Janes yesterday at Forever... they are amazing!!! Yes they are missing the beautiful prints that Miuccia did, but they are the exact style and shape as the originals and at a much cheaper cost.  Think I am possibly in love... I have been obsessed with the originals forever, as you can tell from the post below. I am also possibly developing a major shoe problem... I have bought 3 pairs in the last week! They were all necessary to my life though... more pictures to come, I need to do some outfit posts soon.

Alsooooo I have been working on my accessory line and will be launching an etsy shop sometime next month... all very exciting. I will post some pictures of the newest designs very soon!



Love everything about this look. Think I am having a grunge moment once again. 90's fashion is definitely my go to and fave fashion decade.



Inspired By

1. Miu Miu Shoes......... Love everything about this collection, but especially love the shoes... that chunky heel, the beautiful prints... whats not to love! Definitely on the top of my dream wishlist.

2. Ombre Hair....... This has been an obsession of mine for sometime, but lately I desperately want ombre hair! Thinking of buying some colored extensions to clip in so I don't have to actually commit?? Might be crazy idea... but could turn out amazing...

3. Hats.... I have been searching for the perfect summer hat in the shape of a fedora, but sadly they all look wrong on my head.... love these images though.... these hats seem to fit these ladies much better!


Loving this editorial... the circle glasses and front bangs are a must.



So I have been MIA from the blogging world... but I am back:)

Recent purchases.....beige oxfords by Boutique 9 and Dolce Vita wedges purchased at LF's 60% off sale... not bad at all! Especially since I have been searching everywhere for beige oxfords.... very happy with these!

Finally own the Sam Edelman Zoe's after much lusting after.... well worth the buy<3