Rodarte Love

Gorgeous collection as usual from Rodarte. Its not like I choose to only like the same collections every season.... the same designers just happen to impress and inspire me most seasons! Except Alexander Wang... usually one of my all time favorites, I was not loving what he showed for Spring 2011... although the shoes did look nice. Surprising since his Fall 2010 was one of my all time favorite collections. But back to Rodarte.... I thought they showed a gorgeous collection. I loved that most of the looks incorporated gold tones, and those shoes.... there are really no words... they are insanely beautiful!!!! And most of the models walking had the gorgeous faded hair color. At this point I will never acheive the look because everytime my roots grow in I decide to color my hair... its my own fault I know! I loved how they once again incorporated different textures and layering, although it did have a more refined feel. They have a beautiful aesthetic, and I do hope they get bought by LVMH, because it can only help them grow and really get their name out there. They really show gorgeous clothes that are unlike anything else, and I love how they get inspiration from such random things, such as the redwoods for this collection. I can not wait to see The Black Swan, which besides looking really good and slightly creepy, features ballet costumes designed by Rodarte. Sure to be amazing.

Click here to see the rest of the collection.


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